What is of great importance to the buyers of our nursery plants is that we have rounded up the sphere of activity, that is, we are trying to fulfill the demands of our clients through care and support both before and after the purchase. Before purchasing nursery plants, we advise buyers about the choice of varieties and the preparation of agricultural land for raising orchards (technical questions related to setting up orchards) and take care of the order of operations necessary for setting up a modern and economic orchard, and after purchase we monitor the development of nursery plants and apples as a finished product and share tips to manufacturers regarding production technology and the organization itself in the orchard. After receiving the finished product, any kind of cooperation is possible regarding placement.

Plant Factory represents a link between buyers of nursery plants and institutions that support and provide assistance to fruit growers in the form of grants and loans. It informs customers about current recruitments, collects the documentation required for the recruitments, and completes the application so that the users can obtain non-refundable grants almost effortlessly.


VISION – Production of the highest quality apple nursery plants and the acquisition of user confidence.

MISSION – The combination of all the essential factors: land quality, quality of the substrate and noble part of the nursery plants, quality grafting, proper maintenance of the nursery and engagement of experts for nursery management provides the high quality of apple nursery plants. In addition to the offer of the highest quality nursery plants, Plant Factory acquires the trust of the users by providing  complete supply and assistance in terms of production itself (consulting and assistance related to the preparation of land for the establishment of orchards, through the production of quality apple fruits, to the realization of the production or sale of finished products), as well as when it comes to the possibility of using grants from the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia and the AP Vojvodina (information on current recruitments, advising on the order of moves by which subsidies are easier and faster, as well as providing the service of obtaining the documentation needed for applying so that the beneficiaries almost without effort can obtain grants).

In addition to the standard production of nursery plants, Plant Factory also offers contract production of nursery plants at the request of the buyer. The buyer chooses the variety and type of nursery plants.
Part of the production of apple and pear nursery plants is in cooperation with the Italian nursery Maccanti Vivai, according to their technology and on our fertile land.