Plant Factory is aware that its business affects employees, customers, business partners, society and the environment. Accordingly, it is making efforts to be more responsible in its business in all relationships. Its business is based on ethical tents and principles, and it strives to balance the principle of profitability and ethics.

For Plant Factory, it is important to respect all human and moral rights of employees, and it is working on continuous improvement of employees, and it is also important to be a reliable and responsible business partner of the society.

A positive impact on the local community is achieved through raising the level of modern agricultural production by helping individual agricultural producers. Individual agricultural producers, besides seedlings of top quality, also receive help and expert advice regarding the technology of agricultural production, as well as advice on how to achieve modern and economical production. Also, in the Plant Factory nursery, there is the possibility of individual or group visits of students of Fruit Science.

Plant Factory also provides environmental care. In the nursery, the exhaustion of natural resources and the destruction of the environment is minimized to maintain the natural balance. The “drop by drop” irrigation system enables the rational use of water as it follows the needs of the plant in accordance with its development phase and weather conditions, and thus leads to significant water saving. Integral production is applied, ie all methods and measures in production are used in a way that reduces the use of chemical-synthetic preparations and fertilizers to a minimum in accordance with environmental, economic and toxicological principles. Thus, economically successful production is realized with an emphasis on the protection of human health and nature, and it comes to high-quality healthcare products. Also, Plant Factory advises the same method of agricultural production to its users and raises awareness of the importance of environmental protection. When it comes to the production of juices, the consumption of energy in production is minimal because the production process is very simple. Juices are obtained exclusively by fruit pressing and pasteurization, so that in the end, completely natural juice is obtained without any artificial additives.